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2019 Events

Come see us at:

2019 Isthmus Beer & Cheese Fest - January - Alliant Center

2019 Garden Expo - February - Alliant Center

2019 Sustainable Stoughton Earth Day Expo - Saturday April 27th - The Lageret - 515 E. Main St. Stoughton, WI

Bodega 2019 - Breeze Stevens Field - Madison, WI - Thursday May 30th, Sunday June 16th, Thursday July 25th, Thursday August 22nd.

Art in the Park - Wausau, WI - September 7th & 8th 

Beloit Farmers' Market

Every Saturday from May - October - located at State Street, Grand Avenue, & Mill Street Parking Lot. Check out our Facebook page for updated events.

Monona Farmers' Market

Every Sunday from May - October - located at 800 East Broadway - Ahuska Park. Check out our Facebook page for updated events.

Sun Prairie Farmers' Market

Saturdays from May - October behind the Sun Prairie city building located at 300 E. Main St.  Sun Prairie, WI. Check out our Facebook page for exact weekends.

Northside Farmers' Market

Sunday's from May - October at the Northside Town Center located at the corner of Northport Drive and Sherman Avenue in Madison, WI. Check Facebook for dates at this event.


My  daughter Meredith worked at the JC Penney salon in West Madison until  she recently moved back to Iowa. Meredith bought a sample basket from  someone at work and she, her boyfriend and her brother all loved all 3  of the sauces. Guys are huge BBQ fans and say yours is the best they've  had so far. They brought home what was left of the jars Meredith bought  but we are now down to the last drops. We were happy to see you had a  website for reorders since all 3 are back here in Iowa now.    Julie G. 

Sometimes I just sneak into the kitchen and grab a spoonful of My 'Honey" as a snack.   Dorothy G.

Sweet  "N" Sassy is my favorite . . . a real balance of flavor and mouth heat .  . . I use it instead of ketchup . . . chicken, pork, & beef plus shrimp all are enhanced.     Tom C.

MoJo's  MaJik was great! It was a little more spicier than I was used to, but I  kept coming back for more. I loved it. This the best barbecue sauce I  have ever had and the only sauce I will ever have. This is a barbecue  sauce to brag about.   Devin G. 

I put your MoJo's sauce on food and it turns out to be delicious. I can't wait until you make more.
Dustin G. 

After  a 30 year career in the resort industry and as a food service  professional, primarily in the southern US, I have had the opportunity  to sample hundreds of varieties of barbecue sauce. After trying MoJo's  MaJik, I can only describe it with one word, "Outstanding". The unique  blend of spices and taste profiles will quickly make this your "Go To"  sauce.      Bobby W. 

I am Tom C from Rock Island, IL. I do endorse MoJo's MaJik with a  somewhat discerning palate. The Sweet 'N' Sassy is my first experience.  Just pulled pork dipped into the sauce - great mouth presence -  excellent heat - overall it's one I'll buy form many uses.     Tom C. 

MoJo's  MaJik is a delicious sauce made for everything; ribs, chicken, fish,  chili, spaghetti, and potatoes are just a few examples. I love MoJo's  sauce, it truly is magic. I had a cookout and MoJo's stole the show.  Everyone asked me where to get some.    Sasha T.

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MoJo's News

Hot Off The Production Line - we now offer a new style - 'Blaze-N'. We make this one with SWEET Habanero Peppers. Same great profile, just the right amount of heat to make it BLAZE.