The Story of Our Little Grill


The story begins in a backyard far away where a small family of grills had a big SECRET. MoJo was the baby in the family. He was Born in 1957,  during a time when cookouts were just starting to become a regular  family event, to his parents Char and Coal Webbers. MoJo had an older  brother grill named, Colemann and a sister grill named, Kettles.

MoJo  listened to his dad tell stories of huge parties he attended. How he  was on stage as the cooks prepared delicious meals for all the party  guests. Coal, his dad, spoke of mouthwatering steaks, burgers, and brats  he prepared. But, Coal mostly liked when he smoked ribs, chicken,  pulled pork, or brisket. He enjoyed the slow-cooking process because he  knew how tender the meat would be. He also loved the aroma of the  smoking wood, sweet and permeating all around him, and knew how  delicious that sweet-smokey flavor was.

Coal always made sure he  added his MaJik Sauce to bring life to his meals. This sauce recipe was  created by MoJo's great-grandfather and has been handed down for  generations. Coal has already taught MoJo's brother Colemann all of the  trade secrets to delicious food preparing and has sent him off, and now  it is time for little MoJo to experience the world. For the first  time, Little MoJo brings to you, his family's SECRET BBQ SAUCE ...........  MoJo's MaJik!! 

Whether  you're entertaining, throwing down in a neighborhood cook off, or just  watching the game on Sunday afternoon, MoJo's MaJik can help make  your BBQ the talk of the town. From our mild My 'Honey' to our Sweet 'N'  Sassy, our spicy The 'Bold' One, and a knock your socks off 'Blaze-N', we can give you the perfect  sauce for your BBQ. Contact us today to finally taste the best sauce  there is. 

The MoJo's Family